Von am 27. April 2007 in Indie Music

Meinen April könnt Ihr haben

Wall of sound, best of April – nennt es doch, wie Ihr wollt. Here’s my April! Ihr könnt ihn haben…

mp3: The Thermals / Pillar of salt (live)
mp3: Elk City / Cherries in the snow
mp3: Faunts / Instantly loved
mp3: Pavement / Here (John Peel Session)
mp3: Modest Mouse / Dirty fingernails
mp3: Aaron Schroeder / Fake crimes (Demo)
mp3: Ohbijou / Rest in peace on righteous tides
mp3: Jaques Dutronc / J’aime les filles
mp3: Hey lover / Here comes the snow
mp3: Someone still loves you, Boris Yeltsin / Methane river
mp3: Tokyo Police Club / Cheer it on
mp3: Charlotte Gainsbourg / The songs that we sing

Disclaimer: Don’t just download and play. Support the artists. They are worth it!

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I love the new Charlotte Gainsborg. I’m seeing Modest Mouse next week.

I am slightly dissapointed by Modest Mouse these days. And Charlotte’s still great. She reminds me of her mother though when she sings.

I’m going because Johnny Marr is guitarist for them right now. I don’t think I’ll ever get to see The Smiths so this is as close as I’ll get.

I’ve not heard her mother.

thank you ~~~~~~~~~~ thank you thank you ~~~~~~~~~~~~

Modest Mouse / Dirty fingernails

like this. it’s so angry…….

You are welcome!

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