Von am 18. September 2014 in indie blog

Zola Jesus – Go (Blank Sea) – Taiga

Alles gut! Zola Jesus bleibt weiter verzweifelt. Und dann schreibt sie so schmachtende Lieder. Und dann erklärt Nika Roza Danilova diese sanft zerschossene Verzweiflung auf Go (Blank Sea) auch gleich mit:

“I wrote ‘Go (Blank Sea)’ about the facelessness of city life. How is it you can walk down the busiest street of a metropolis, fighting through a current of busy moving bodies, yet feel completely isolated? All of the singularity rubs together to create a universal dull hum that can cancel us all out. It’s in the densest populations that I sometimes feel the most alone, and in barren uninhabited lands that I feel the most alive and human. It’s a strange dichotomy, and something I explore a lot on TAIGA.”

Das Album Taiga erscheint im Oktober bei Mute.